Image A couple of years ago we had the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident.I couldn’t believe what i was seeing, it was heart breaking and shocking. I remember telling my husband, Do you have any idea what this incident is going to create and what young girls are going to think now. It’s extremely important to let our youth know that Respect is an important key in all relationships. God wants us to have healthy relationships that will lead to marriage. It’s very easy to believe and accept the culture that we see on TV. Hold on to your values, principles and morals.But mainly hold on to GOD he has created us for such time as this.His plan for our life has been written and it is up to us to make the right decission for our future.

  • Be wise who you put your eyes on.
  • Watch for warning signs “Red Flags”.
  • Have patiences, Gods timing is perfect.He will bring the right person at the perfect time.
  • Remember LOVE is NOT PAIN.

Sh Sh Sh….

Many of us have seen it and have kept quiet.We see it every where from youth groups to public and private schools. It surpasses all  boundaries, religious beliefs and culture.It’s taking over this generation!Unless we educate ourselves and decide to do something about it! TEEN DATING VIOLENCE  is more common now in days than ever before.What should we do? How should we react? What does GOD say about it?